A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

What's that noise? Did I leave the TV on? 

Guide yourself through your home with your cell phone light through this short atmospheric experience.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Creepy, Dark, Horror, Low-poly, Monsters, Short, Simple, Singleplayer, Spooky
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

For Mac users having trouble accessing the game:

  • Open a Terminal Window and navigate to the folder containing the app
  • Enter the following command chmod -R 755 DidILeaveTheTVOn.app
  • Right Click on the app and then choose Open
  • Download

    DidILeaveTheTVOn.app.zip 54 MB
    DidILeaveTheTVOn.zip 46 MB


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    Me encanto el juego, corto pero muy entretenido y te saca un muy buen susto ♥ 100%  recomendado

    Great little horror game!

    Nice atmospheric game with good use of it being all on a phone. Ending didn't quite do it for me but overall was a cool game... :)

    :D haha, thank for this game !

    Really nice atmosphere, built up the ending well! Thank you for your game 💗

    Nice game !


    OK il jumpscare! Una corta esperienza che con una trama un po piu' elaborata sarebbe stata molto piu' interessante

    Although short, this  game still managed to terrify me multiple times. Amazing game!

    I gotta say, it's a nice short and sweet experience with a really nice fresh look for the phone screen! Made me think of the character using the phone's camera to navigate! Your game is first up! 

    The simple realism is horrific in this one! The cellphone dynamic is pretty creative in my book! Awesome work! Game was featured in a random horror line up!👍

    wow Man, I like it!

    This game Remind me of Outlast

    I still have to check out Outlast...ironically looked too scary for me haha :P

    Out of the 3 games I played in this video, this was my favorite! Insanely good atmosphere, the aspect ratio added a nice visual element, and WOW this game has some genuinely good scares. A fantastic, straight-through short horror experience! (Third game in the video)

    That's awesome to hear. Thanks for playing through the experience :)

    I was really expecting this to be alot longer haha but nonetheless i enjoyed the way it was made was quite UNIQUE, play for yourselves!

    Glad you still had a great experience, hoping the next project will be longer!

    IT WAS GOOD but I really was startled on how quick it ended ahaha

    This honestly was a great game! The darkness, mono light and the phone aspect ratio really made it feel really immersive and a little realistic and super spooky! The detail in all the rooms was really well done and added personality and subtle story to the game! 

    The plant as well, I still think was done on purpose, was super spooky and was a nice little spook to add near the stairs. And the garage Easter egg of how the monster got it was great too! Just the whole feel of the game was great and not sure if it's possible to escape the monster thing, though I have a feeling it is possible, maybe with the vent in the garage or something, I thought it was a fun spook as it runs away from the TV to the door and the environment then makes everything spookier.

    The way you used Dall E to make the creepy photos was pretty great! I thought they were really strange and spooky and fit the theme of the game pretty well! Hope you do take this game and make more inspired from it as you've made a great feeling game with the environment, sounds and phone-like gameplay really well melded together; there's so much you can do with it so great job on this game and good luck for future projects!

    thank you imma try to make a video too soon and i will see how good it is

    Thanks for the great review, really appreciated. Glad you had a good experience. Hoping the next project will be further fleshed out with features too.

    Unfortunately it's not possible to escape the creature, it's pretty tenacious ;P


    A spectacular game, I really liked the graphics and the brutal jumscare... I wish it had been longer.


    Thanks! Hopefully the next project will be a little longer

    Hello from Brasil! Rio de Janeiro. I played your game. It´s creepy this kind of celular screen...  it´s perfect.  I recorded on my channel :)

    Thanks for the lovely feedback! :)

    Heya! My girlfriend gave this a shot. :)

    That's great to see!

    bruh! the only.exe is the  unitycrashhandler

    there is no game executable do i have to compile this mysel

    Very nice for a quick little game. Curious about the Dall-E mention at the end. Was the monster made with that?


    how did you run the game there is no executable file

    It worked fine for me. Had the usual files/folders for unity. I'll double check when back at my pc


    Thanks for checking out the project. I just used the Dall-E tool for the art prints that appear throughout the house :)

    Ah. Neat idea!

    quick and scary ommg

    This is absolutely BRILLIANT!  PLEASE make a full game! 5 stars!

    Thanks for playing! Next project is planned to be a little longer :)

    Creepy game with a very tense atmosphere. Great job! 

    I really appreciate it! Thanks!

    The only EXE in the windows-download is the UnityCrashHandler.


    Sorry :( Hopefully not a 32 bit vs 64 bit problem?

    awesome game! mouse sensitivity was a bit high though.

    Thanks for the feedback. Yeah getting the sensitivity right has been pretty tricky. I don't actually play a lot of PC games so not sure on the standards.

    maybe just an option that allows personal adjustment to the look rotation/speed. should work.

    That was quick :]

    I would have loved to see this game, but for some reason the game isn't in the file I downloaded. I extracted the file and everything, but no game. Did I do something wrong??

    Hmm, i'm unsure sorry. If you're on PC you could try copying the downloaded folder to the desktop and seeing if it turns up from there? I had issues testing earlier where it wouldn't play from the downloads folder.

    The most surreal and unique game on this market!

    I appreciated the environment and camera effect being blurry, but at the same time, the player was clearly able to see the horror. The sound design, ambience and filter effect stands out a lot. This feels more like an actual footage rather than a game. With that said, ending jump scare was weak, in my opinion and broke the immersion. Yet, the overall response is - just pure gold! Excellent horror. 
    Your game starts at 0:00 (it's first)

    Thanks for the feedback and the play-through I really appreciate it!

    Short but not bad. Made a video on it.


    Thanks for the playthrough!

    Great job!!!

    Thanks :D

    Cool little game here! i wish there was more though :)


    Thanks for playing through the experience. Hopefully larger projects in the future :)

    ery short bu good

    Thanks for checking it out :)